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My all-time-fave fish! Stumpie.JPG
27Kg 106-0667_IMG_cj_prodigalson_b.jpg
It was a large bait of 3 fleshy fillets of bonito inside out. 106-0667_IMG_cj_prodigalson_b.jpg
By the way this is now the new SA junior record! 106-0667_IMG_cj_prodigalson_b.jpg
I was going to say 'A good size for a Banded Galjoen hey!' Then I read the comment ....SA Record! Co... Banded_Galjoen.JPG
Thanks for including the info. I love my Stealth #10, got a 5.5Kg Bonefish on it so far! Dorado1.jpg
This the one that you both hooked and thus was disqualified! Photo-0055.jpg
Poor ......... no wide grin on the face! 3_0kg_Matahari.jpg
Rainbow Wrasse!!! (Natal wrasse is brownish with vertical bars along the body. natal_wrasse.jpg
My favourite chow, the yellow tail IMG_3091.JPG
That middle couta would have been a buss I'm surprised it didn't eat the tax man
by Calvin Fourie
Awesome, my favourite part of South Africa!
by Mbotyi_boytjie
There is great chance of damaging a ray's organs if turned onto its back.
by Sadie
Is that boilies what I can use for big carp LOL
by 5laces
She showed the boys her favorite spot
by Timothy Scriven
I got a hook up on a dolphin yes dries. I was trolling a yellowfin for marlin and it ate it.
by Gavin van der Merwe
The one that got away
by T Rex
Please don't drag skates on their dorsal surfaces as this removes the protective mucus and decreases...
by C.DaSilva
Someone ever hooked into a dolphin by accident? Worried that they will take a live mullet on slide ...
by dries
no that is a nother fishing storry to be told
by itsarap

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