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 Posted: Thu Nov 23rd, 2006 12:44 pm
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Thanks for the kind words, MB. It absolutely kills me to see how some people fish...they come onto the beach or rocks or pier, with their 5 kilo "bait", make a toal bloody mess of the place, cut off their overwinds and leave them on the beach for the seagulls to get entangled in, leave their food stuffs scattered over the sand or rocks, and take every fish they catch home. Tropical speciments, pinkies, five fingers, small blacktail, it doesn't matter, everything goes home to the pan.

Anyone who has been on South pier when the shad are wild will confirm how these barbarians move in, sopend days on the pier, crap everywhere, start fires and basically carry on like animals for a few days, or until the booze or the bait  runs out, then they're off home to sell their ill goitten gain, leaving their f%&*@#ing crap behind. 

These guys justify the success or otherwise of their trips by the number of dead fish they take home....and the rest of us have to live with their mess.:(