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 Posted: Tue Jul 8th, 2008 02:08 am
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very interesting post indeed. I also did lifesaving but i agree that it's very important to share the knowledge.

what i don't really get is the insurance thing about surfing.

I've surfed for 9+ years and what i found matter how prepared you are, when the ocean has it's own plans for you...that's it.

I've very nearly drowned more times than i care to remember (no matter how good a swimmer you are). It's very difficult to hold your breath for more than 1 minute while you're already tired from paddling and surfing. I can agree when the insurance company might say something like "you've got a bouyant westsuit and surfboard to hold on to while surfing" but all of that is pretty useless when a freakishly big set comes through and you wipeout. Ive been held under the water (feels like a human washing machine) until i've ran out of breath and just as you're about to surface you get sucked down again. So i reckon, insurance guys need to get into some really big waves and then they might realise that surfing could be just as dangerous at times.

just my 2c.