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 Posted: Thu Aug 30th, 2012 08:45 am
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During billfish season we always manage a few wahoo on konas and jetheads. I have used the hi-speed trolling technique and it also works wonders using a 2 lure spread set way back, but there is another lure that deserves mentioning as it has accounted for many many wahoo while fishing for general gamefish.

The Halco Laser Pro 160 (Chrome Pink) in the shallow diver or deep diver format rigged with 30cm of no.7 wire and trolled just behind the transom (5m) in the propwash is a lethal weapon especially around Aliwal Shoal. It is a standard lure in my trolling spread if trolling for gamefish at slower speeds (i.e. pulling plastic). There is something about the pink/silver/black combo that drives the Hoo nuts!

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