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 Posted: Fri Sep 14th, 2012 10:58 am
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Hi all - new to the forum so guess this would be the best place to post this question. I am currently doing some research to set up a dedicated fishing site in terms of fishing venues. I know most info is scattered somewhere on the web, and with some serious "Google Kung-Fu" you can get some details, but what I am talking about is a much more focused approach where these venues can be advertised.

I want to specifically cover the following, which I think is key to anglers:
1\ Exact GPS locations
2\ Current and correct contact and pricing info
3\ Detailed outlay of the resort (including pics of chalets and what is inside etc.)
4\How far are you from the water and what does the bank look like
5\Nearest shop / pharmacy / bottlestore / ATM etc
6\ What is there for the wife and kids to do
7\ Safety
8\Best spots / chalets to book

I have driven to too many places expecting a fantastic fishing weekend just to be dissapointed in how the place looked, or being 100m from the water with a small bank and too mnay trees in the way.

The idea would be this is a free site for anglers, and for a specific resort to advertise it will cost them per month the price they would charge for 4 people for a weekend. This way we can keep the costs in line i.e an expensive resort pays more than a camp site. They can also make their money back within 1 weekend.

Of course we can add fishing, baits etc, but for now the key is more on the resort itself. Very, very detailed.

I have started a poll here just to see how many of you think this will work and will visit such a site on a regular basis, as advertising etc. will pay for the site (and for me!) at the end of the day.

of course any other suggestions is also welcome!

Thank you