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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2012 06:04 pm
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Been a super busy day today getting the top survey and a few other admin tasks sorted so yesterdays story had to wait.
Went out on Reel Magic with only Lynie Maree as help and had another shot at it on 30 lb. Had a Dorrrie on immediately, followed by nothing until 2pm when we had a hookup that fell off and then a fish up in the spread that toured and disappeared. Had given up on it when it launched at the shotgun and hooked up in 240m of water. Originally thought it was a stripey but when it came barrelling out of the water, greyhounding for the horizon we knew it wasnt a stripe. Managed to stay attached by backing down on the drag and saying a few prayers!
Hour and 40 later, in rough conditions, we managed to get the fish gaffed after a hell of a tussle on the leader unaided. With the fish having given us the worst time imaginable for its size neither of us had checked the fish out to determine what it was, assuming by the run and the depth that it was a blue. Only on gaffing did we realize that it was a black and that we had failed in the quest of beating the SA record for a blue on 30lb.
We estimated it at 95 kg. Jubilation turned to remorse as we realized the effort had been in vane. It was late and we headed for port to weight the fish anyway. What a surprise when she came in at 112 kg , missing the SA mark by just 6kgs.
Will just have to go out and try again. Heres to hoping its blue next time!

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