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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 05:55 am
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Fin-S wrote:
To date I have seen no CONCLUSIVE PROOF of the netters breaking the law. There has been lots of hearsay, lots of heavy breathing, fire and damnation stuff....but no proof.
As a result I vote no.
If you can prove that the law has been contravened, then I would remove this persons right to fish - I would still not ban netting completely.
A ban is an easy way out and is the thin end of the wedge.
Look at coppers.....
My worry is that once we get onto a roll of banning, there is little knowledge or desire from our Ministerial component to investigate other conservation alternatives. It will therefore not be long before any infringement is met with a total ban.

I'm with you on this one... it will simply become to easy to ban something without the proper investigation done...
In my opinion we are not to far from this already,,, it's way cheaper to ban something than to commission a research project. Home/land owners on rivers/estuaries have already started the ball rolling and could back fire,,, jetski's being banned because of damage to mud banks by sucking up prawn,,,, Booze cruisers ok though, props digging through the mud is not so bad. lol! Tick tock!