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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 05:56 am
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RobinF wrote: Ok JB2, well why don't you start up a poll on that topic of should Charters be banned then?

I'll be happy to vote.

Hi Robin

The difficulty that you have is that you are asking that non compliance should lead to banning of an entire fishery. Your main suggestion is that banning should be the response where enforcement is highly problematic or has proved unhelpful.

This is a very dangerous and double edged sword that could easily be wielded against us as recreationals.

I do not know the KZN netters, I once saw them net sardines when I was in KZN on holiday but I have no interest in their welfare.

My main concern is the insistence that complete fishery closures should be used as  a management measure where there are less severe measures that could target the individual transgressions.

The Durban charter industry seems to have a few bad apples but I would dispute your call for banning in this case.

I understand that the shad run in KZN can turn into a complete dog show at times with violence and blatant non compliance. I would still not call for the banning of shad fishing in the areas where they make a showing.

The runs of small  kabeljou in the Cape and the attendant slaughter by recreationals is incredibly depressing. I would still not call for a banning of recreational fishing for kob when there are a lot of small fish around.

All that I am saying is "Becareful what you ask for, you might just get it!"