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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 07:54 am
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Before I begin, I have voted against seine netting..before we get off on the wrong foot again..

I ask again: Is it at all possible that you or someone in the know can provide us with the applicable info re: "the slaughter" as far as facts go? hearsay and presumptions can only lead to more issues, There are plenty of us DBN locals on this forum yet I am still to see or hear of any info from the locals,

This family of "vetches seine netters" have held the same authority/ licence for many many years, they have been pulling those nets since I was a kid more than 30yrs ago.. surely if they had been up to no good their annual licence would have been revoked, pulled or not re Issued?

The number of times I have witnessed these guys pulling nets their by catch has been returned to the water, less the odd DOA, but I would still like to see the netting halted in order for the area that surrounds Vetchies to become the marine protected area (MPA) that it is supposed to be..

With that said, Do you think there are political, racial or some other dark forces at play that these guys have hung onto their right to be the ONE and ONLY authorized seine netters on the Dbn beachfront? (less the annual sardine netters that appear during the sardine run)