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 Posted: Tue Jul 29th, 2008 07:21 pm
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R8000 per year just on line over the past 3 years. Thank the league for that.
My monthly spend at the tackle shops averages around R2500.00.  In season I can thank the plague of blues for the hundreds of R16 a pop hooks we lose.
My top spend at tuckers is R22 000.00 in a day. Suburban R15700.00 and Specialist was R5800.00.

I have no idea how much on bait. But R300.00 a trip sounds right.
Hmmmn. Tackle valued at just under R150 000, that's the stuff not in boxes locked in the garage and nothing to do with the boat etc. it does include all the lures in the huge white fibre glass box in the garden flat.

No wonder I'm always broke. I just looked at some receipts when I read this thread and I must get help.
You wanna know the truth. I don't use half of it.