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 Posted: Thu Mar 21st, 2013 05:17 am
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jb2 wrote: RobinF wrote: How wrong you are. I was not referring to just this one incident, they don't trek once a year....this happens on a regular basis.

Those that know me, know where my credibility stands, so like I said, do your worst, your personal attacks show you for what you are.

Hi Robin

We have come a long way. So the fish on the Saturday was not driven to Gauteng.

The funny thing is that if you honestly think that Aziz can get enough fish to drive to Gauteng then you have no insight into how the actual marketing of treknet (or handline) caught fish is sold, marketed or distributed.

I think that you seized on the name "Aziz" and added a few facts a long the way.

Robin, you had asked me to point out where you had been fibbing or making the story a bit more juicey. I agreed that I would gladly point this out.

It is not a "personal attack" when I respond to your request for details of the fibs that you have told.

You as a person and what you  write are two separate things.

Please keep in mind that I asked that we have a forthright and open discussion. 

The biggest challenge to this is where the story is embellished to the point that it is no longer meaningful or helpful.


As I said, my reference is to more than one occasion. What is sad is that you have been sitting on info that could have been 'enlightening' to a lot of people as to where this situation has gotten to. Instead you sat on it hoping to trap me. Basically showing that your interest is more of a selfish, and vengeful than constructive to the general forum. You would rather try to discredit and accuse members that don't share you opinion than contribute info that could be relevant.

Regardless of what you have been told by whoever, you clearly DO NOT have all the facts. The info given to me is 100% credible. You know what info I have and that is why you are trying so hard to discredit me. If you don't know what info I have, then you do not know nearly as much as you are trying to make out. There is no doubt about what is happening, and again if you want to call me a liar or a fibber (Again defaming a Sealine member) without proof, then that shows you for what you are.

Prove that I am lying or stop defaming me. You have a legal background, you should know what defamation is. Just because my opinion differs from yours and that my info differs from yours you clearly think that you can act with Carte-Blanche and defame me.

You already had one of your posts adjusted by Sealine Admin because of this behaviour, but clearly you have a lack of respect because you continue. Prove that I lied or stop defaming me with false accusations.