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 Posted: Fri Nov 22nd, 2013 07:37 am
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CamWA500 wrote: I live in Knysna and i have had the best fishing in years! With regard the economy, and i am in construction, and own property in the industrial area, I had the best yesr ever in 2013 and 2014 is looking even better.

How can you muppets that dont even live in the area comment? And based on a web site advertising houses for sale! Everything is for sale!
Stop making negative comments about things you know absolutely nothing about.

Agreed. There has been pollution issues, but unlike most river systems, the town committed money to try and fix it. In 2011, the 'cabbage/lettuce leaves' were terrible, but last year this time, there was a marked reduction. Fish were few, but we still caught and it was only because of rapid current temp changes and crazy boat traffic (i.e. the time of year was the issue).

I have seen awesome fish come out there. The town has changed, but then so has most towns. Change is good, I love my second home, I will never sell there. Most good businessmen will say that everything is for sale....