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 Posted: Tue Jul 8th, 2014 06:35 pm
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Enigma wrote: Been doing it a while and have learnt how to break the big line suck in the rocks.


Get 20-30m back from the water.

Put the rod down or give to an assistant to hold the rod.

Walk forward to where you have a secure foothold and the line has a clear path into the water.

Wrap the line around your hips (hold it either side of you and wrap yourself into it) Make sure the lines don't cross or they will cut themselves off.

Walk backward, looking at the ocean, pull the line till it becomes "DEAD" ie you can feel there is no stretch.

Now sit down onto your haunches and the line will pop.

Never try using the rod and reel to do it............ let Sunil/Leon and Jo do it on the Island for 30min before sharing the trick.

They got their swimbait trace, a windon, a heap of 0,55mm lines and a slide sinker back doing it like that.


Thanks for sharing Craig. Got 0.8mm stuck on the kite only once and Zola did the same to pop it. Must have got the tip from you.