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 Posted: Mon Jul 28th, 2014 05:33 pm
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If I understand you correctly then you only need maybe 8-10 inches of Dacron to slide over your braid in order to tie to your dropper without the braid cutting into itself ,and or to be able to make a knot with a less slippery surface line.

If that is the case and you cannot bum a short length of Dacron off somebody, and you have already searched Flyfishing stockists as they sometimes stock short lengths to make looped connections.Then I would recommend searching for a length of Jerry Brown or similar type of braid which is hollow-core similar to Dacron. Even a length of very thick 200lbs Power-pro or HMP-Braid could do the job..

Once you have your braid through this section of ''tubing'',you can obviously leave it on period as it will wind onto your reel without any hassles. I suspect that Mullers'kites (under correction) have a Triangular-shaped dropper which is tied in the same way i.e using a Dacron-sleeve of sorts.

Keep us posted.;)