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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 12:52 pm
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Hammertime wrote: Very interesting read.
My son noted that on the lure positions and colours we ran similar setups two years back.
I have made comment on Sealine about the fact our strike rate was higher back then than the last two seasons.

What's changed?
I had a lot of guys who fish provincially on board and have slowly changed to what they say, rather than what I experienced for myself after years on the water.
We have developed a nasty habit of running lighter colours closer up and dropping the big guys further back. I know that's wrong so thanks for the gentle nudge back into the ways of old.
Got me opening 2005's old black book of what we did when and it confirms it.

Hammer, stick and stay its bound to pay motto and my team know better than to question our winning ways. I have many friends in manufacturing they all ask me to try this try that lure but like i stated with 23 years research and study I have found out what works best for me and I stick to it.

Look at every Grander caught on a lure, look at all the pictures you can find and see a lure, look at the colours, thats what I did, looked at every tournament winning fish with pictures I could find and found the best and winning colours.

We can only talk from experience and when I go on others boats I  DO NOT change their pattern or what they do, each of us knows our boats and how we rig and what works best for each of our boats. Newbies i call them with all their experience maybe it works on their boat, their waves, pattern etc but each boat is different and some boats never catch or raise fish.

Hammer you the team Capt you make the calls if they dont like it - fish another boat - I want to win and or catch and release the most to win. Its tough but if it works and I have the records to prove it and wins then why change.

It would be like me getting into your car adjusting your seat, mirror, radio stations etc you just dont do that

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