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 Posted: Fri Sep 12th, 2008 12:53 pm
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GL wrote: Finnseeker wrote:
GL - are you nuts .............................I would not be targeting anything less than those grander blacks there with live and dead baits of a lifetime. ...............seriously forget the small marlin you can get those anywhere but lizard is the place for some big fish so go for it.


I hear you both . . . and make no mistake we will target the 750 - 1000lb granders as Nomad seems to have excellent reputation and many happy clients.

GT plugging is what I enjoy, even though it kills you physically. The area we are going to is prime Marlin territory but also GT country. Due to dates, ect this time works for us so destination is not 100% in line with GT & Doggie hunting!

I am going with my 15yr old son for his birthday and having travelled so far for 7 days fishing, I am not sure I want to spend the time trolling for the big one when a few 2-400 lbders for the week plus lots of 15 - 30kg GT's, doggies, coral trout, etc a day will make this a birthday trip of a lifetime for Josh.

Gotta put it in perspective, if I want my boy to enjoy trip, I can't have him trolling for hours for big ones . . . . kids are active. If we have a good trip, I am back with Nomad next year but probably in a different area.

On the water this time next month:wfish
GL you wont be trolling all day they are there and you will be fighting these fish for a while. This experience Josh will have will be life altering seeing the size of these explode on the baits and jumping while the boat backs down hard and he releases his first big marlin.
Oh you will have a lot of 2-400 lb fish but biiiiig mama will find you as well and be prepared. That is a trip of a lifetime for any 15 yr old but to be able to say to all his mates .........................I released a grander or 800 lb marlin at 15 yrs old is amazing. Whats the kids record ?
Anyway the opportunity presents itself and you have more than enough time to do the other species. I hope you do it , do both and enjoy father son experience nothing better in my book

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