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 Posted: Fri Mar 27th, 2015 06:34 pm
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Do a bit of reading before you shout "bush medicine". If I was stuck out in the bush, I could save my life against a whole spectrum of infectious ailments, lets hope you could say the same.

Not magic mushrooms, but mushroom magic..and a few herbs and succulents thrown in too. A lot of the cures for common and uncommon diseases live all around us, a little but of knowledge goes a long way. Maybe you trust the pills a bit too much. Anyway, this mushroom will help assist in recovery from any infectious aliment, use it or not..I do and am better for it. Of course, seek professional help too if you encounter strange infections, but that goes without saying. Having broad spectrum treatments with or being able to identify them in the wild may just keep you alive until you are diagnosed. In my case I had a case of TB that doctors could not diagnose for 6 months, after fruitless courses of strong antibiotics and bloodtest after bloodtest it took being able to ID turkeytail and reishi mushrooms in cecilia forest and knowing what they do, to save my life and put a halt to my wasting until I could get a correct positive ID on my illness and the correct treatment. The reishi thereafter helped my liver cope with the treatment cocktail and kept my immune system up while helping my body repair.

It is also effective against protozoa as noted in my first post. If you have malaria, take your meds that the doctor gave you and make reishi tea too, you will be better off for it. Of hundreds if not more medicinal "plants" that I know, reishi is on a par above all of them. If I was stuck in the wild with an unknown fever, or even stomach cramps and started going downhill fast, I would find the first big bracket fungi with pores, on a rotting hardwood, that I could and cook it up and start looking for more to keep me going till I found "proper" medical treatment. It is the same thing our ancestors would do as per the archeological record and it worked well enough for you and me to be here.

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