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 Posted: Wed Oct 7th, 2015 07:09 pm
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kitefisher wrote: Barbelman wrote:
Hi guys, I realised it is because of the coated braid I used. When I used uncoated braid to tie the hooks, it slided like it was supposed to.

That brought me to a question.
Is it wrong to use coated braid on hair rigs? Will it make a difference? Will the fish still pick it up just the same a normal uncoated braided rigs?

Barbelman, By ''coated'' do you mean plastic-coated as some of the Specimen Carp rig -coated or do you mean ''coated'' as in for example Power-pro or some of the older Fireline products which seems to have a ''candle-wax''type coating.

Either way,if it the Specimen plastic-coated type braid then I am sure that somebody else should be able to advise you better,but I must mention that I have seen rigs where the last inch or two of plastic-coating are removed to allow for more flexibility in the last section towards the hook..

However if it is the coated type braid as in Power-pro or similar,then you can lightly pinch the section to be knotted between two fingernails and gently ''strip'' the section that you are going to tie the Palomar in. You will notice that the braid immediately becomes more limp and I have read somewhere on a leading Aussie braid site that it does not affect the breaking strain.

I've bought Spiderwire  EZ braid. It feels more like a plastic coating. The braid is for sure stiffer than any other braid I've used before..

I did see now in a fishing shop that hook-link braid are sold both coated and uncoated. So I hope I do not have to re-do all my traces I've built.