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 Posted: Wed Mar 2nd, 2016 03:15 pm
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I'm fishing for the past 30 years own and run a charter boat but don't want to mention its name. Like any fisherman you have a bucket list.I have caught everything even Goliath tiger in the Congo for 3 months.

My last 2 species was broadbill and a 100 kg tuna.Long story short, for broadbill you need to find the food source first. Every one says bluenose is a good indication for broadbill.

Were you find bluenose there will be broadbill!!

For 13 years I have been marking the deal reefs off Durban.  Got myself a electric reel shimano and daiwa and 2 hand reels with 900 m of 180 pound braid. Went to Riaan Williamson of Pulsator and asked him to crimp 400 pound trace with swivels 450mm apart. My snouts and hooks I tied myself 80 pound with 6/0 circle hooks.

I knew my best chance would be to wait for 3 days of NE wind and on the turn to SW go deep and see what I get. I'll loaded 600lt of fuel, phoned my two gillies and we set off at 02h00 .at sunrise I was 15 nml from were I wanted to fish.

I started to watch my Lowrance finder she kept Bottom all the way.I saw a showing 40m off the ground. I thought it was a thermocline suddenly it dropped to 20 m from the bottom then stopped. I knew this was fish and not small one and not one or two. This was the biggest shoal of fish I ever saw.1.5 ml long just fish.

I turned around went halfway and we started drifting. Loaded the hooks with strips of squid 10 or so on each hook just ones trough at one end to make lots of movement in the water.
The trace was 10 m long with 3 kg on the Bottom and 1kg weight on the top of the trace.Lines down.

Once on the Bottom we waited about 1 min for the trace to start dragging on the Bottom.The Daiwa was first to go, the rod just bent straight down.

I could see this was big to big to lift I could see I'm getting multiple hook ups the trace came up all the snouts was broken, if it wasn't broke the hooks were bent open.

Same was the story on the hand reel to my left.Yaseen was quick to realize to hook one and bring it to the boat. it was a grouper of 27 kg.

We knew the fish down there were Much bigger in the 40 to 70 kg range.

We regrouped and doubled up on the 80 pound.

Same thing we were weighed and found out of class.By this time the SW picked up to 13 knots. time to go. I was begged to stay one more drift.

So we did and fireworks it was we came up doubles and singles but with now 9/0 kennel rounds bent open.if it wasn't grouper it was a bluenose.

Grouper was easy but the bluenose was fighting from Bottom to the top the hole 500 m plus .we ended up with 4 grouper and 10 bluenose GT weighing 250 kg in 3 drifts.

Holding on and boat on auto pilot we headed back home to shallower water for 4 hours.

But it was worth it I proved that we have very good fish out deep if you have the right gear and balls for it.

Photos was taken to ORI to Id the fish it was the two species but no one would ever thought that Durban had bluenose on its coastline.

For the past week I've been prepping my boat and rigs.I left the grounds with the big fish and only brought small ones time its the big ones I'm targeting.

This is the most excited I was in years of fishing. I know what's out there and it will blow the most experience fishermen's mind.

its the holy grail of fishing.I orders my heavy deepdrop electrical reel from pulsator the best for this depth.we going even deeper.

Because they live between 500 and 1500 m depth only in certain conditions you find them shallow on 500 plus so next trip its 700 to 900 m

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