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 Posted: Fri Aug 19th, 2016 01:09 pm
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Big Ben I'd look at the DC oval 10'6" or a custom stick for that..12' might be too long to throw all day with. From elf to tail is quite a tall stretch, and then psy want to pull sharks and flat fish too.

Different rods for different applications. For leervis, elf and cob spinning my exceller xxxh is going into its fourth season now and I would not want another for that application. My new custom stick for heavier spinning, close range, is built on the tip and middle section of a BM superslim 30/50/430. So it is a 10' 30/50/270 I guess, and throws from 2oz to 4 oz and I'm more than happy with it but blank might be too heavy for shad or cob unless they are big blues or quaggas. For the even heavier stuff I use my custom 11ft exage, which I use for cracker fishing on the grinder too.

I'm not needing a 14' rod for throwing huge shark baits and light gallie etc fishing I just use the exceller. That little rod has caught me somewhere round 400kg of edibles and sportfish by my estimates but can't help you with the inedible rod or long distance beach rod.

Hey Psy, that your BM slingshot? Tell us more..:)

Also how do you guys cast those long rods with a grinder with the reel seat so low and bionic fingers..? Does it come naturally with a few throws, it seems very uncomfortable to me but I haven't played with that configuration much. Grew up pap-gooing and bass fishing with grinder in the normal place so it just feels right there?