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 Posted: Tue Aug 23rd, 2016 08:20 pm
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Dr halibut hoffman wrote: Also how do you guys cast those long rods with a grinder with the reel seat so low and bionic fingers..? Does it come naturally with a few throws, it seems very uncomfortable to me but I haven't played with that configuration much. Grew up pap-gooing and bass fishing with grinder in the normal place so it just feels right there?

Thought I would let you know.
Been practicing with my 12' Oval DC 3-5 and a skinned tennis ball.

When I started it felt really, really weird, but is definitely starting to feel more natural.
So far no discernible difference in casting distance (105m point to point with above mentioned tennis ball) but retrieving is MUCH, MUCH nicer.

I wont be altering my 1-3oz rods, but the 12' is due for a proper rebuild to suit the low reel position.
I am convinced.