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 Posted: Tue Aug 23rd, 2016 10:27 pm
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Enigma wrote:
To many conflicting Variables in your selection

Oval DC available in 1-4, 3-5, 4-6, 6-8, 5-7 and 7-9 and 8-10 (my personal shark Grinder rod is 13' 8-10oz). Out of all these the best All Round is the 5-7oz

Superslim available in 30-50, 40-50, 50-50, 60-60, 80-50 and 100-50 The 80-50 is the most versatile and Best Casting of the lot. The whole range of SuperSlims also available in lengths 400, 410, 430 and 450

The Horizon currently available in 2 models ie XH and XXH which match up with the Super Slim 80-50 and 100-50 only 1 length. I've fished both SS and Horizon but prefer the power in the bottom 1/3 of the Horizon

The Evo is available in Original and EVO 2 and would be close to a SS 70-50 which doesn't exist

Azimut (Defined as the Arc of the Horizon) is available in 60-50, 80-50, 100-50 as well as 60-100, 80-100 and 100-100 and all of these are available in 450, 460 and 470 You have to be a small Arnie to cast the 100-50-470. In my opinion the top of the range of all the rods you mentioned would be the 80-50-460 Azumith

Pentagon Grinder rods include All of those I have mentioned above as well as the P4, P5, P6, P7 and P8

Others I cannot comment on as I don't own them or build them and have only cast the Saltiga 60 Grinder (didn't like it much)

If I had to gauge by the rods we build and work on in our workshop, based Purely on Numbers

Most Popular:

Blue Marlin SS 80-50-430 and 450
SS 100-50-430
Horizon XXH
Super Mandril 450/7 (T30)
Horizon XH
DC 7-9oz
DC 5-7
Assassin FSSC XL
SS 60-50-430

That is a broad sample from right around the country. The P Series of Blue Marlin is good but never really seemed to take off


So little said, so much to understand. If only I new more about this subject so that i can read with more understanding, how ever, I am trying to understand it all.

Maybe one day ........