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 Posted: Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 08:08 am
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The larger the baits one casts the more convenient it becomes to have the reel, low (bait fishing and long and long rod fishing only)

Yes it might be imagined to be awkward but the long rod length and large cumulative weight being cast (sinker + bait) is better accommodated by the reel being low as it spreads the weight better and a better momentum can be built up in the casting stroke.

The Bionic finger is only really necessary on rods where total casting weights exceeds 6ozas it prevents your finger from becoming bruised.

The other HUGE advantage of the Bionic finger get is that one can cast with the drag loose/ in the fight setting with no risk of cutting your finger.

Then the next obvious advantage is the standing with rid in hand and using a bucket.and the playing of a fish especially big fish where it is a lot more comfortable with the rod low.

Spinning, Plugging and Popping, I still only use high reel seat as the butt under the arm makes lure control super easy.