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 Posted: Mon Oct 17th, 2016 10:01 am
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I have not gone for Barbel in quite a while, just been targeting Carp. Yesterday I used the head of a small carp. I did not use a hair-rig, but just a single hook through the mouth exiting at the top of the head. I got pulls the whole day, but could not once land them...
Perhaps my hook was too small.

So in two weeks I am going to give it another go. But this time I want to use a hair-rig and see if I can actually land them! So if I am using just a medium sized head, and not a full sized fish like IWyk does lol, will I be fine using a size 2 hook with a 20 mm long hair-rig?
Secondly, is it best to thread the hair-rig through the eyes?
Lastly, when the head is used up, hopefully, what part of the body of the fish is best to use? What size and where must the thread go through to use as a hair rig?