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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:27 pm
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Rods and Reels
Over the years I have used quite a few rods and reels.
Rods ranged from 6.6ft light tackle to a 11ft Enigma built heavy spinning rod, then there was heavy R&S tackle, and for good measure some boat rods and jigging rods.
Reels, well it’s mostly been Shimano, Daiwa and Abu Garcia, from 2500 up to 12000 sizes.
I got rid of most of the heavy stuff and held onto the light tackle stuff, and then with some swopping got some more stuff light tackle.

As we go along you will notice that I’m not brand loyal, I buy what I like and what I can afford, keeping in mind that sooner or later I will want something newer again…
I maintain my equipment and have no problem coming home and servicing 4 reels cause they were exposed to the elements.
Look after your equipment and it will help you land fish, don’t and you’ll pay the price !

Myself and my son Ethan started spinning again, aim is light to medium spinning only.

Here is my current pairings, most of the equipment listed is older than 5 years

My Kit
7ft Elbe Interceptor (3/4oz) – Shimano Exage 2500 – Suffix Performance 13lb
8ft Daiwa Exceller (1oz) - Shimano Sahara 3000 – Suffix Performance 13lb
10ft Sensation Adventure (2.5oz) – Shimano Socorro SW 5000 - Suffix Performance 15lb
11ft Custom Built by Enigma (4-5oz) – will also use Socorro on it when required – amazing Rod !!!!!

Ethan Kit
7ft Elbe Interceptor (3/4oz) – Daiwa Exceller S 2500 - Spiderwire EZBraid 20lb
8ft Daiwa Exceller (1oz) - Daiwa Exceller S 3000 – Spiderwire EZBraid 20lb
11ft Sensation Adventure (3oz) - Abu Soron STX 60 - Spiderwire EZBraid 30lb

Other Rods
8ft Sensation Passion Stick (1 oz)
10ft Blue Marlin G3
9ft Berkley Air - broke and needs to be repaired soon, will let Ethan spin with it.
12ft Loomis & Franklin - also needs repairing

Other Reels
Shimano Baitrunner DL FA 2500, Shimano Baitrunner DL FA 4000, Shimano Slade FB 2500, Shimano Solstace 4000, Daiwa Regal 5iA 2500

Over the years I’ve had a good selection of rods, some have broken and some were stolen, my all time favourites will always be Berkley Cherrywood 6.6ft, the 7ft Elbe rods
And the Berkley Air 9ft and 10ft, for heavier the Enigma Custom is a monster of a rod that I used to bully under 100kg sharks with.
Over the years I’ve also had a good selection of reels aswell, all time favourites … the Shimano Slade FB 2500 (man I love this little reel), my very well used and abused (and now retired) Daiwa Exceller Plus 3000 and then the machine of a reel, the Shimano Stradic 8000.

The Stradic truly is an amazing reel, it’s well built and it’s SOLID, but they have become too expensive for me.
On my retired Exceller Plus I have caught thousands of fish, gears are still perfectly good but bearings (all still the originals) are done and the anti reverse doesn’t work like it should and the “ratchet” is on it’s end aswell. I have fished this reel harder than I fished any of my other reels, it really served me well.

I must also mention the Penn Battle that I had, very well built reel, and same for the Daiwa Oceano 4500.

About the Shimano and Daiwa argument … personal opinion, in smaller reels I prefer Daiwa because of the better line capacity, in the bigger reels I prefer Shimano.

If you look after and service them regularly they will both serve you well for many years

If you are asking why all my reels that I use are Shimano, well when you swop equipment you don't always get exactly what you were looking for, if I had a choice my smaller reels would all be Daiwa

Notice the reel covers below, I have about 6 of them, use them and your reels will look good for years, provided that you service your reels aswell ofcourse

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