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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:27 pm
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Because I concentrate on spinning I only spool the reels with braid, even the reels that I use for bait fishing have braid on them.

I have always used Berkley and Suffix braid, and had Jerry Brown and PowerPro on a reel or 2, but man braid is expensive.

I have given Spiderwire a go, havent used it for long, can say it's OK, but won't last like the Berkley and Suffix.

I know there are many newer and better makes out there, but this is what I trust and use at this stage.

I will hardly ever go over 20lb braid for myself.
Because Ethan is still learning I spool his reels (which he buys with his own money) with heavier braid.

Another reason that I use lighter braid is because of the line capacity PROBLEM with Shimano reels (which most of my reels are).
A 3000 Shimano takes substantially less line than a 3000 Daiwa, so to make up for it I go lighter.

A few months ago I removed Berkley Fireline from 3 of my reels, that line was 6-8 years old and still looked pretty good.

With braid, well you get what you pay for.

Now about the old man story, how to spool braid, let me tell you, based on experience you don't need a special spool, and you don't have to use insulation tape on the spool to prevent it from slipping.
Make a big loop in your braid and tie a 10 turn uni knot, now wrap that big loop around your spool 10 times and pull it tight, it doesn't slip, end of story.
All the reels mentioned above are spooled that way without any issues.

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