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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:27 pm
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Leader lines

Well gone are the days of me making a long leader "to protect my braid" !

I don't like knots going through my guides, never have and never will.
So to deal with that issue I tie braid to a small power swivel and then use either green mono or clear fluorocarbon line - about 1 meter long.

Have caught many fish like this, not 1 fish have complained about it so they must be OK with my 1m "leader"

I use different breaking strain leaders depending on where I fish and based on what fish I'm targetting, generally I make my leader thicker than my braid for abrasion resistance.

My leaders are normally in the 15-25lb range, and sometimes I go down to 10lb.

When spinning I have a quick change clip so that I can quickly swop lures. Some people refuse to use them, again, no fish has ever complained to me about it.

Look at the pics on facebook of fish caught by "spinners", you will notice that most of those "spinners" use the quick change clips.

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