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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:28 pm
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Like everything else, there are so many different shapes, sizes and colours, some are even painted in funky colours to catch the anglers and not the fish.

I have about 3 spoons that I will throw to target cob, and that's all I will use them for.
70% of my fishing is with bucktails, 20 % with topwater lures and 9% with midwater, 1% max is right on the bottom, meaning using spoons.

When I use spoons I tend to drag them on the bottom, and will never go over a medium speed. 99% of the time speed will be very very slow to slow.

I prefer the S-bend spoons to the V-back spoons, and the S-bend is not made to do drag racing.

In the surf the lighter spoons have their own action, how ... the waves hit them around, so you just retrieve it very slowly. Will always be a good lure to target Cobbies !

You get silver (and they must shine pappa) and then you get the bronze colour (they can be dull colour for dirty water and shiny for clear water).
Ofcourse for sales purposes you also get the 2 tone, which is silver on the 1 size and bronze on the either side.

Let me just tell you again in the words of an expert angler named Justin Bieber ... Despacito (means SLOWLY if you didn't know)

When I realised its a lure angling song I started enjoying it lol

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