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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:28 pm
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I have used them, and seeing a leerie hit that lure is an amazing sight, and your heart will beat faster than it did when you got your first land based fish.

Honestly, I don't use them anymore cause most of my fishing is in the river anyway and again, I prefer bucktails anyway.

They do have their place though, especially for the angler that needs to make a long cast and have their lure skipping on the surface.

Match your rod, braid and lure properly and you will see just how far a plug can be thrown.
Get a windknot during that cast and you won't even see how far a lure CAN go :X

Come to think of it, I have a few of them in storage, both the plastic and the wooden version, again personal choice, I prefer the wooden ones.

The plastic ones retrieve rate needs to be fast otherwise they sink.
The wooden ones float, so you can go fast, pause, go fast, pause, etc

Colours, well they come in various colours to catch fisherman.
The good old red head white body does the job.
A dark (purple) one is a good choice for cloudy / darker conditions.

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