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 Posted: Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 02:28 pm
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Topwater lures

Now on this we can write a book, and I have no intention of doing that
There are some brilliant topwater lures out there, some dirt cheap and others that cost an absolute fortune.

I have a handful of topwater lures, mostly Storm lures because they are affordable.
I know Rapala make a few brilliant ones aswell, but they are very expensive (but they DO work)
There are many many good lures, but I try not to buy every lure I see these days ...

Double edged sword these ones, because most are very very light so casting distance is a problem.
Advantage ... Fishing methods and colours ... countless !

I prefer anything with a silver belly (just like a fish).

Again when I use them I start slow, so cast out, short jig, short jig, till I get it back to me
You can go very slow, slow, medium and fast so that they skip on the surface.
Drop your rod tip and you can even take the dog for a walk, just play around with speed till it does the doggy walk.

Throw them in the right place and YOU WILL get into Cob, Grunter, Leerie and Springer. Key is the right spot and the right retrieve.

Cob and Grunter go for a very slow to slow retrieve
Leerie and Springer, speed things up a little.

The more time your lure spends on the water the better your chance of getting a fish

Got an absolute hiding from a monster of a leerie a few weeks ago, I simply stood no change on a 7ft rod with a 2500 Shimano reel.
That Leerie had a wake bigger than a jetski and was determined to show me a 10 second quarter mile was a easy task for it, it emptied that LOW LINE CAPACITY Shimano grinder faster than I could say JOU MA SE ....
(That day I really did use some words I haven't used in a very long time)

Personal observation : Fish tend to prefer the bigger topwater lures (10-14cm sizes)

Again, every self respecting lure angler will have 1 or 2 of these in his/her arsenal of lures

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