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 Posted: Wed Apr 25th, 2018 08:08 pm
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Last trips of 40 something
Fishing Report – Durban – 25.04.2018
So today marks my last fishing charter in my 40s, time flies by so fast that the roaring 40s becomes the flying 50s before one can say Bob’s your Uncle. Our last 2 trips were half-day trips starting early morning and both days had a screaming reverse current making fishing very difficult even with nice flat seas. Mornings are getting chilly now and there is dew on the cars parked outside early every morning of late and so the signs are that we are well into autumn now and that winter is coming. Water is now under 24 deg.C.
On the 1 trip we hooked up a very large Wahoo that I guess was just under 20kg but when close to the boat he did some heavy head shakes and we lost him about 10m from the boat, we also got some skipjack tuna. Today the current was also strong and we managed 4 x Yellowfin Tuna and some bottom fish.

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