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 Posted: Thu Jun 7th, 2018 04:44 pm
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Good day guys,

I am not sure if I am posting in the right section about this, if not I'll take it down and re-post in the correct place.

I borrowed my Grandwave 40 to one of my fishing buddies after he lost his torium 30. After a few weeks I asked to use my GW40, because I hate using my new torium on the rocks.

I was at work and he was on his way fishing so I asked him to drop it off at his neighbors (my parents) and he decided to try and hide it in my complex'es mailbox. He could fit the reel in and decided to hide it in a bush at a random house in the street.

I was completely against this, I told him not to leave it there, he ignored my messages. I started calling him and he Ignored all my calls (48 in total - yes I know that's a lot). So I took off work early to rush to get my reel.

Guess what...

By the time I got there the reel was missing, After that I get a message saying "sorry busy fishing".

I told him the reel is missing and he refuses to believe that, he said he hid it too well to be found. He starts blaming me that I'm not looking well enough, he refuses to help me look for it.

I asked him for an apology and he refuses to apologize, because apparently I am not looking well enough. He is only willing to give me R900 as compensation for the reel. To be honest all I want is for him to man up, accept the consequences and apologize. I don't care about compensation.

I'm disgusted. I want to give him a life lesson, legally what actions can I take against him?

I apologize for the long read, I've added some screen shot of the conversation. (I used some strong language, I was absolutely furious)

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