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 Posted: Sun Aug 19th, 2018 01:20 pm
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Tuna for Fat Girl and Nawty Girl.
Fishing Report – Durban – 19 August 2018
The last few trips on both our boats have seen a large amount of Bonnies, Frigate Tuna and Sarda Sarda coming out along with some nice bottoms and some Yellowfin Tuna. Water temps most days have been just under and over 20deg.C and the Bonnies have been thick. Yesterday I don’t think there was a moment when someone was not fighting a Bonnie or all the lines out on the light tackle these are great fun, the Bonnies have all been in the 1.5-2kg range, the Sarda Sarda have been quite a bit bigger than the Bonnies, so great sport and they do give a good fight. Mornings have been very cold and there has been a strong reverse current.
Today both boats went out and even though the NE was blowing relatively hard the sea was not big but was rather choppy, this however did not deter the fish and the new Rapala X Rap Xtreme 160s produced the goods and both boats got good Yellowfin Tuna hook ups and a lot of Bonnies of which many of the Bonnies have been released to be caught another day.

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