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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2018 07:28 am
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Ballyhoo wrote:
Howzit guys,

I have my Trini 30A for 4 years and had the MagIT fitted in June this year, by √Čtienne in Durban.
This reel paired with a Medium heavy Poseidon HMG, casting a 8 once grapnel...I used to get not more than 90m (due to overwinds). After the MagIT was fitted and I gradually loosened the cast control cap, I have cast up to 130m without any overwinds, and I think I could cast further if I loosen the cast control cap even more.

I would recommend fitting the MagIT kit to a Trini 30 anyday.

Etienne can set up your MAG-IT fitted Trini for you, so that you can cast it, with a loose spool (cast control backed out, with the reel in freespool, to allow a tiny amount of sideways play on the spool, WITHOUT touching the spool during the sinker's flight ... and maybe he already did so ... your own test casting, will come up with the answer ... enjoy !