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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2018 10:06 am
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DJP wrote: As far as I understand a drone is not a model aircraft.
Interesting? My father was national champ for model aircraft multiple times in old days, I grew up with them. He and flying partner built 2 and 3 m long exact scale models, sea planes, jet turbines and bombers etc.. They are pretty dangerous if not used properly..So if drones were to be treated differently it would have to be laid down clearly in law. Law is generally black and white and ers on the side of caution when grey, until defined and then it is black and white again. The law cannot create confusion or else it is counter productive.

So DJP, Oceanmad does not agree with you and has clearly said why? You have said that your understanding does not agree with him, and then you went on to repeat yourself without saying why you believe him to be wrong and you correct..So not that I care too much, but why do do understand that a drone is not a model aircraft?

If I read the legal definition I can't see why it is not a model aircraft, at face value..In your reply, cut and paste of the regulations, there is a "12" and "13" reference to the definitions that you did not they are:

"12] A “model aircraft” is
a heavier-than-air aircraft of limited dimensions, with or without a propulsion device, unable to carry a human being and to be used for competition, sport or recreational purposes rather than unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAV) developed for commercial or governmental, scientific, research or military purposes, and not exceeding the specifications as set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale as listed in Document SA-CATS 24.  Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011, § 1.01.1. [13] Id.  A “toy aircraft” is “a product falling under the definition of aircraft which is designed or intended for use in play by children.”  Id."

In reading that it is clear that one must then read Document SA-CATS 24.  Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011, to understand what the maximum specifications are for model aircraft and then one can see how your drone relates to those and then one can only know whether your drone falls under that definition or not. I will try find that document..otherwise it seems to me that a drone can clearly be defined as a model aircraft. Will reply back once that has been looked at..
So how would one define that? :)