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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2018 10:40 am
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Inanda is the new Klipkoppie...wahhahaha!
Klipkoppie is camping only with no electricity and no water or toilets unless you drive to the side where the boats launch. As with any place in RSA you need to be on guard as there are no "security" as you simply camp around the dam. There are usually no big incidents but one is never safe anywhere in RSA anymore!
Regarding fishing...It's not a difficult venue but it is by no means and easy venue! If the fish ain't on the bite, they ain't on the bite! It will either be your biggest blank or it could be your biggest fish.
As it is summer again expect loads of bass fishermen, jetskis and ski boats with tubes etc.
No fancy presentations and no one spot is better than the other at KK.
KK not not an ideal papgooi venue and it will beat you down! There are better venues for papgooi! Good luck!