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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2018 09:40 am
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Howzit guys, slow progress so far.

Been sanding the outboards as there is no rush, I have decided to paint the outboards and deck in 2K white.
I have bought a cheapish Air Sprayer as I dont have a big enough compressor to spray with but I'm certain it will do the Job.
the more I sand the more depressed I get with the rusted bolts, I really want to get the power units off so I can clean and paint properly.
But there is no way I'm gonna get those bolts out without breaking a few off.
Am looking at induction heating coils to get those bolts nice and hot then maybe try loosen them.
I took off the skeg guards to find some serious corrosion down on the skegs. have cleaned them up nicely.

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