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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 08:37 am
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Lucky I had tons of the 2 part glue from my previous duck.
So after sanding cleaning and drying the whole lot I managed to glue the pontoons and the strips back to the Deck.
I had managed to get a Induction heater in the meantime and losened the bolts, only broke one of them and considering these are almost 40 years old I was impressed:) I forgot to take pictures but the heat works very well.
I made up new gaskets and got new Stainless steel bolts and remounted the engines to the legs.
I dont have a compressor or proper spray gun so I bought one of those paint sprayers to do the painting. bear in mind I just want the boat to look better and she is not a super model;)
Im quite impressed with my painting skills they turned out fine with only 1 or 2 runs

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