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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2019 09:10 am
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Hi gents,
Sorry for the late reply.

The current props are 11 1/8 x 14 pitch.

No surf launching, my only concern is that it takes 15 seconds to get to plane and top speed is 45 Kmh at 5300 Rpms.At 3000 rpms it seems to surge with a following sea,dont know if maybe it is the sea pushing exhaust gas back through the props ,maybe you have an idea of the cause.I normally trim the motors up to raise the bow to avoid broaching in a following sea and this seems to make the surge worse,almost like a missfire or fuel starvation surge.

As for the maker of the boat , it was the Jurgens yeld cat built in the 80/90 s, built by jurgens, i think the hull is 1989. Not sure of the weight though.

Your opinions are highly appreciated.