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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2019 11:51 am
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Serra Moz wrote:
Kenty wrote:
Serra Moz wrote:
Kenty wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote:
Kenty wrote:
Mike Smith wrote:
Wow! A self-confessed roofkyker! I admire you for your transparency! There is a lot of info and good posts here on the forum. enjoy your stay.::slr:::shock::shock:;)AND Mike still around...NICE!!

ja en Kenty is net so groot roofkyker!!!!

never here to ad.....but lurking in the back ground!!!!
n wolf in skaap klere..... en as die lam kruppel lyk, dan wil hy hom vang.

Mic.E, welcome.

see we do not byte!!!

so more posts are welcomed.

and dont worry about what you are seeing so will get dik vellig quite quickly... of you partisipate frequently...

enjoy it here and do some research....much info here
;)Dont forget Herr Willem , I was BANNED 2013 until the end of 2017...2018 I was on a sabbatical...but hou kop Herr Willem ..EK IS TERUG!!!...;)_seal1_

LOL... Never knew you got banned, also went on a Sabbatical mate, actually referring to quite a few things in my life, did not fish or nada = Zero... Did not follow any fishing / dive / spearo / hunting / - pages at all...
;)Hehe,,Serra...jip,,I actually also had a back seat when it came to fishing..BUT..I have my new hat and its time to get some fish again,,,::slr::

Sounds like the BRA I rememmber....BTw, why and who banned you? I still do a FB detox now and again, when I am not at work...LOL
;)Well sure the ADMINS that were on here at one time ..that Simen and Koper okie probably saw Darth Vader as a stirrer AND that whole "trendie" stuff AND it all went pear shaped ..hehe...but all water under the bridge and we gaan aan as they say...

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