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 Posted: Tue Mar 5th, 2019 10:43 am
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willem wikkel spies

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Ok Guys, just some feedback.

I did manage to speak to Emps.
He is quite busy and he has minimal time to spend.

We do need some new moderators, how many is yet to be determined.

So we are looking at members who will/ have:

1. time to assit in being a moderator.
2. he/ she should be a person who will treat all fairly and with the same respect they deserve.
3. his view should be to take Sealine to new heights!!
4. he should not be partial in matters where conflict arises.
5. through his posts, which will be checked, indicates that he is worthy of being a moderator.
6. he/ she must understand that Sealine is not up for sale, all mods done are for the benefit of Sealine and not for personal gain.

I might just add a aspect or two here.

but in the meantime, if you feel you do match the criteria please do forward me your name and contact details.

you can also use this tread to nominate members who you think is worthy of being a moderator so do some homework if you wanted to nominate such a member.

good luck to the applicants and nominees.
together we will take Sealine to great Heights

do note that finalizing the new mods will take some time