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 Posted: Wed Mar 6th, 2019 05:12 pm
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I didn't have any problem with the way Sealine was run until the spamming began. Thanks for deleting some posts. I think Sealine went into a period of decline when the social media era started. While posting of catches and trip reports was declining on forums, this exploded on social media in recent times. I think this has a lot to do with the "fame" that social media supposedly bring and everyone is on a constant hunt for likes and shares. I also have an instagram account and enjoy posting my catches and getting a follower here and there. The branding and sponsorship potential of social media obviously also has a huge effect, with "influencers" posting many catches and in turn their fans and followers do the same.

Social media has been around for a while now though, and in my opinion we are being bombarded with so many catches and shallow reports, and sponsored bait demos that it's slowly losing a bit of its shine. Or at least people are looking for something in addition to but different to social media.

Forums are largely anonymous and you can't get likes or shares on Sealine. But while you scroll through insta for a few mins a day, almost zombie like because you've seen most of it all before, you come to Sealine when you want to get real fishing stimulation (sorry couldn't think of a better word :?). It provides a totally diffrent experience to social media and there are people who are realising this and are slowly coming back or joining up for the first time.

If this is true, the post rate is sure to go up, and as new and more people use the platform, the need for good moderation and administration will only increase. And it has the potential to grow bigger than ever before, because social media definitely drastically increased the popularity of angling.

Taking this into account, I wish the current Sealine team good luck in making this decision and the same to the person/s who gets the responsibility.

I like the idea of having mods for the different sections.

I appreciate you naming me on your list Mike Smith, but I am enjoying Sealine as a normal member at the moment.

Hope the right people can be found, and if there are people who also enjoy what Sealine offers, and would like to contribute in a bigger way and see it grow, don't hesitate to nominate yourself or at least have a chat with current admin to see what the role entails!


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