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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2019 08:29 am
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Foose wrote:
Just want to include something to note....

Sharks are smart, they can adapt to the're surroundings and where food would normally come from.
Just like the zambies in the breede, they know that this dark shadow floating above will bring them a chance to get a meal easier than chasing said fish that is not fighting for its life.

Sharks and all predatory species have a natural urge to attack something that is giving off a distress signal as it spells "Easy Meal" for them.
Heck even bass of equal size chase the one that is hooked around biting at its tail.

My personal feeling would be that you are on a boat over a reef where the apex predator is the shark and that is his domain. Should you enter his domain he will take you up on the free meal you are offering.
Nothing complex about it just nature doing its thing.

Side note: I have gotten taxed before therefore I understand its not a lekka feeling but ultimately something you have to realize might or might not happen while out fishing.

I believe the shark numbers are actually in big trouble looking at how many are killed every year and any Ecosystem will collapse without an apex predator in the picture.


I remember as a youngster, doing a dive over Protea Banks on the KZN South Coast. Its an awesome reef that holds a lot of nice fish...but, there are a lot of sharks too. That's what we dived there for in the first place. The funny thing, was that we were warned, that as the boat stops, the Zambi's gather underneath it, looking for hooked bottom fish. I though this was crazy, but sure enough, as the engines of the dive boat cut out, we went over, and as we approached the bottom at 35m, there was a Zambi waiting patiently beneath us for a meal. As we drifted, the dive boat follows the bubble trail, and during the dive several Zambis followed us, with the boat moving above us.

I don't think there are more of them, they are just adapting and evolving with changing circumstances.

Further, the notion that their numbers are increasing is dubious, as it is rare for slow growing apex predators to suddenly increase in numbers.