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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2019 01:22 pm
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willem wikkel spies wrote: yacoob wrote:
Ok, my take on it is that the sharks have the right to tax us as much as they want to. It's their domain.

We have a similar , if not less frequent situation at langebaan lagoon when fishing for cob at night. I know the feeling, been there, done that, and will gladly still be doing it as long as i'm allowed to. All this means is that i have to outsmart it. If sharkey wins, tough.....
In falsebay we have the opposite problem. The great whites we used to see at our fishing grounds have all but disappeared. We had a few orca's here and during that time, a few GW's washed up on our shores with their livers bitten out. It seems, and i could be very wrong.... that since the GW population have decreased, the seal and penguin population exploded. Now they're decimating the fish stocks. I believe they cause a lot more damage to our eco system than sharks can.

so a explosion in penquin and seal population due to less white sharks.
so it is hand in hand and now visible to the naked eye.

but we cannot see this off durban
What can't you see in Durban?