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 Posted: Sun Mar 17th, 2019 08:00 pm
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JeandlH wrote:
Thanks for the feedback so far PearlJam. But just to make sure, are you holding the rod the correct way? Because I saw a few guys the past holiday using a short butt rod for the first time, and holding them the same way as they would a long butt rod and they obviously struggled. By that I mean they had their left hand on the very bottom of the rod and thier right hand on the reel holding the line. Basically holding onto 25-30cm piece of the rod trying to throw their bait.

Yes, I have now switched my release hand to the right hand. By the way, this friend of mine bought an Assassin Sabre and did not realise it is short butt even after I asked him and he checked to confirm. Only once I saw the rod and I told him it is in fact a short butt did he know the difference. He might have tried casting with the short piece.

This afternoon session went slightly better with the casting, still not getting the distance but was slightly further. My son with the Regiment managed a quick hookup with a very decent size fish which he got to the rocks and in some way it got off before I got to it. 5 mins after the next cast he hooked up again to a rock cod of about 30 - 35cm and then ended with an eel. I really like the rod, it is just trying to get used to the different casting technique