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 Posted: Mon Mar 18th, 2019 01:32 pm
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This is a difficult one, but like the saying goes: 'Walk in the lion's den, be expected to be mauled by a lion!"
I've recently been luck enough to have been able to fish in the Breede river for the past 3 years on a fairly regular basis. In the 3 years I've noticed a sharp decline in edible fish coming out, but over the summer period huge rumblings of fish been taxed by the Zambies. These okes are trained !!!! They will lie in wait and as soon as your fish is about to be landed, bang its gone. Can't remember the estimated BIG cob that were taxed this year, but it was a scary number. Someone mentioned it earlier, there has never been an attack on a human, but hey, never sat never. I crap myself every time I pump prawns in waist high water.
Back in home waters, Langebaan, the bronzies are also a huge pain in the arse as well as the increased seal population. Same story with the bronzies, they will wait until your cob,elf or yellowtail is almost in the boat before they come along and help themselves. You can run your motors, clap your hands, shout and scream, nothing helps. Now let's talk about the seals, these bastards are so brazen, they swim up to your boat and want to look inside for something to scavenge. Hook a decent stumpnose then 2 or 3 come out of no where and steal your catch. Then they don't move away, you must maar move along. Never in my 40 odd years fishing in Langebaan have I seen so many seals as now. They even have seem to set up base on the island as I've seen quite a few sunning themselves on the rocks. So I reckon the scientists should come and do some studies around the West coast, might just find a different result!!!!
Back to the sharks. At the end of the day we are playing in their domain and no animal is stupid. They will go for the weakest or easy pickings.Don't really think we are going to find a simple solution here unless we all pack up our fishing tackle, pull up all the shark nets, stop all trek-netting and ban all trawlers in our waters for at least 10 years, maybe then some normality will prevail. What's the chances??? :X