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 Posted: Mon Mar 25th, 2019 01:29 pm
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Sometimes I think we over complicate things.
Raps - I fish them with original hooks - trebles. Same as DD's etc.

Mepps and Effzet - red singles and sometimes I will tie on some red and silver flash around the hook shank.

I use a skitterwalk or some such thing for top water - but it is not a main technique for me. In fact, my best day was with a pink chisel nose. When they are on top herding baitfish, anything similar in size will work.

Yes braid for spinning (20/30lb) and mono for trolling (25lb) is no problem. Some use braid for both, some mono for both. Several lodges limit trolling now so I only take braid.

12-15cm of wire with an albright to main line. Yes, I use a piece of fluoro between braid and albright - but short enough so that the knot is always out of the guides.
My boys use a small Sampo swivel to join the braid (palomar knot)and fluoro (uni) and have not been bitten off yet.