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 Posted: Sat Apr 13th, 2019 09:19 am
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Dave Batista

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My 2 cents here, dont get either of the above mentioned reels. There are many reels out there that can land giants that are affordable and have intense drag and capacity.

The LD 60 lacks the capacity, you need a reel that can take 1000m of 100lbs and 100m of 0.85mm at least to take on giant sharks and land them in a safe and efficient manner. The Talica will meeet the capacity but will cost a lot and is fine if you willing to pay heaps.

Very good reels that are 5k or less are the tyrnos 50II and Squall 50vsw and TLD 50A. They can hold 1000m of 100lbs and plenty topshot. Ive owned a tyrnos 50 and have a squall currently. Squall has loads of capacity while the tyrnos has the perfect balance of size weight and power in my opinion. my tyrnos 50 had 850m of 100lbs HMP then 300m of 120lbs jdb then 80m of 1mm topshot 100m if it was fill to the brim and barely any space for the bemini to fit on. My squall has 1200m of 100lbs then 100m of 1mm and a 16m 2.2mm wind-on that fits onto the reel.

The drag is what stops a big fish and line thickness not capacity but you do need decent capacity for that submarine that you will end up hooking at some point. with 100lbs and 1mm fish struggle to take line on heavy drag under 200kgs .