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 Posted: Sun Apr 28th, 2019 12:23 am
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Serra Moz

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Psy wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote:
chill mozzie!!!!

currently I am the only one monitoring Sealine.

I only delete spammer treads currently.
about 5 or so a week.

the new moderators search is still in progress.
it will not be done hastily!!!!

due to previous mods....we have suffered bad set backs.

as I have stated, we do not have personal attacks which we use to have.
everyone is behaving themselves!!!! thanks!!!

so we do not necessarily need many chiefs because our Indians are behaving well.

Sealine is quiet at times. yip, and it is the long weekend month, so expect a lower post rate.

when the winter fishing starts for natal, then I am sure things will start to pick up.


That's where you are going wrong!!

One person (moderator or bilge pump) cannot save a sinking ship!!

Within this THREAD .....are a few stalwart guys who also MONITOR this website! :fbash

Hope you have a lot of spare parts for your bilge're going to need it!!#


I am indeed, a chilled "Mozzie".... yip.... PSY, you know the old adage "a clean ship is a safe ship".... LOL