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 Posted: Mon May 27th, 2019 02:55 pm
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My favorite catch on light tackle was my PB 56cm Galjoen caught at Blombos in Oct 2017.

Caught this one on an Sensation Short Range 11ft carp rod. with a Big Boss 5000 reel, and it put up a massive fight on the tackle in between the reefs.

I had made bait at Witsand the day before, and while looking for redbait and crabs on the reefs at low tide, I found a single big oyster in a pool, and decided to take it along to Blombos.

The next day at Blombos I fished the entire day with white mussel and red bait, only managing a few small gallies and kollies. As the day neared its end, I decided to try the oyster as a last resort, having never used it as bait before.

First (and only) cast with oyster delivered this fish almost immediately, a perfect end to the 2017 galjoen season. Released

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